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Executive Coaching and Development

Statistics reported by an study involving FORTUNE 1000 companies who engaged coaches for change and growth coaching, explored the general value and return on investment of executive coaching and presents the following:

  • Observable productivity increases reported by 53% of executives

  • Increase in Quality – 48%

  • Increase in Organizational strength – 48%

  • Increase in Customer service – 39%

  • Reducing customer complaints – 34%

  • Retaining executives who received coaching – 32%

  • Cost reductions – 23%

  • Increase in Bottom-line profitability – 22%

  • Improved working relationships with direct reports – reported by 77% of executives

  • Improved working relationships with immediate supervisors – reported by 71% of executives

  • Improved teamwork – reported by 67% of executives

  • Improved working relationships with peers – reported by 63% of executives

  • Increased job satisfaction – 61%

  • Conflict reduction – 52%

  • Increased organizational commitment – 44%

  • Improved working relationships with clients – 37%

"Your challenges will be to create an organization that will maintain consistent growth and improvement in an
environment rife with rapid change"

The Process

This Executive Leadership process offers several proven methods and concepts to help you and your team create and sustain an environment in which people are excited and committed to implementing the vision you have crystallized. It provides you with techniques for aligning your resources and guidelines for effectively leading people to higher levels of performance.

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