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Program Deliverables

Online Content - All Material is Online on Learning Management System (LMS)

3 Online Development Sessions

The group of participants will meet weekly for 3  weeks. Each session will be approximately 1 hour in length. This process enables participants to “develop” since they will have application and practice time between sessions. Each session will end with specific goals and action steps to be accomplished by the next session.


Follow-Up Sessions

Work with your facilitator on the follow-up option that will work best for you. Participants will present progress reports on their individual and organizational goals. When needed, additional content may also be part of these sessions.


Audio Series

5 chapters of program content in audio form enables the participant to have multiple exposures to the content

between sessions allowing the sessions to be hands-on and application oriented. 5 exposures during the week between sessions results in content retention in excess of 60%.

Content includes:


Beyond Customer Service – Creating Customer Loyalty              Goal Accomplishment for Success

Creating and Measuring Customer Loyalty                                    Always Creating a Powerful Connection

Effectively Managing Stress and Impulses



Exact same content as audio series with assessments at the end of each chapter for reinforcement of content.

The text is also used as a reference guide.


Action Plan

Self and Organizational Evaluation Sections include:

Dream Inventory                                       Mental Development                                     Social Development

Physical Development                              Financial/Career Development                    Family Life Development

Ethics & Beliefs Development                 Setting Goals & Establishing Priorities       Goal Planning Sheets      

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